The Mustang Trilogy

Finally, I have completed my trilogy of the free roaming mustangs - an obsession that started last year from our trip to OBX (check out Nights in Roadanthe for amazing views of outerbanks - Roadanthe was also the island where we stayed).

All three (jewel, opal and jasper) are on 20 sq. inch canvas and can be put on wall individually or together. While the trilogy is complete, my passion for painting horses has only started and hope to continue doing more. Next time on a bigger canvas !!


This is my first attempt at an animal painting. Inspired by the wild mustangs we saw on our visit to the outerbanks, 'Jewel' is a tribute to the efforts across the country to preserve and  protect these free roaming horses.


I used the bright colors to accentuate key features like the mane and eyes. Please leave in comments and feedback on this work. 

Jewel is Acrylic on 20"x20" canvas.