Anmol Ratan

In today's world, we are constantly clicking and sharing pictures of our loved ones (esp. our kids) and have huge troves of the same  (I had to buy more space on google drive for this 🙂).

Still we keep gravitating to a few that capture iconic moments and I wanted to translate one such of my kids into something much more than a framed photo print.

Immortalizing the picture, the moment - the love & happiness in the old fashioned way on canvas, while still taking some artistic liberties 😉 and giving it a cheesy title (for folks who understand hindi) !!

Anmol Ratan
Oil on Canvas
30" x 30"

Turn the most precious memories of your loved ones into an everlasting piece of unique and personalized artwork and an epic gift !!

I am taking commissions for this holiday season for portraits that can be done in varying styles from photo-realistic to themed versions. Contact me at mathur.vinita@gmail. com for more details.

The Bubble Therapy

Bubble Therapy

Finally completed my latest painting Bubble Therapy on 3ft x 4ft canvas.

Whenever I am stuck in a mental loop, I bring out the bubble solution and wand and blow bubbles. Bubbles remind me that energy is being created and destroyed and re-created constantly. It's hard to hang on to fixed beliefs when bubbles are shimmering, sparkling and popping in glorious rainbow colors all around you.

Thoughts, beliefs, mind loops are just patterns of energy. So the next time you feel stuck in a familiar groove, create and destroy and transmute by blowing bubbles. The energy will shift. Old patterns will dissolve. New ones will emerge, to dissolve in turn…


Mario Zamora for the awesome reference picture

Hiro Boga for her inspirational blog including looking at bubbles as therapy.